Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project Update 5

I have been working on the SWOT analysis of my exhibition. One strength of the exhibit so far includes the education aspect of appealing to the school groups for field trips. I want the information to follow the student’s curriculum to draw more teacher and their students. I am going to have a story-time area for small children to play and learn as well. A weakness is appealing to the parents that will be bringing the children. I need labels that the children can understand but does not bore the adults. An opportunity would be to expanding the demographics of people that normally attend the museum. A threat could be not having a large enough budget for all of the interactive activities.

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  1. Jessica, it sounds like you have a great handle on what SWOT is, how to think through it, and the value of going through this exercise as part of your initial planning for the exhibit. Once you have answers to these questions, and strategies for dealing with them, the design development process is much easier. Your exhibit design can then grow out of the strategic planning and fulfill the goals and objectives you outlined up front.